The Ach-Eve Programme

Collaboratively developing the talent pipeline from senior management through to the executive

Ach-Eve is a programme created and developed for both female and male talent identified as having the potential to reach the executive within 7 years

1-2 year programme • 3 skills, results & output focused driven events
• High level cross sector executive mentoring & support • Unique networking
• 1 exclusive leadership dinner

The Pipeline Gap

The best performing companies have the best performing teams. They attract, retain and develop the best talent, regardless of gender - fact.

However, we appreciate this statement is easier said than done and currently there is a talent resource within many organisations that is somewhat transparent, overlooked, under-resourced and under-utilised...talent in senior management.

Ach-Eve is designed to complement the internal talent objectives of an organisation and drive forward effective performance of not just the organisation but the individual leader too.

Ach-Eve will support individuals and organisations who are focused on attracting, retaining and developing their talent pipeline, from senior management through to the executive, and ensure it is not only strong and well represented but provides a sustainable solution to a challenge faced by many.

The Ach-Eve Model

The Ach-Eve programme is a series of skills focussed events designed to bring together like-minded peers with similar ambitions across all sectors of business, to collaboratively deliver on their full potential.

Listening to what businesses want and aspiring executives need to realise their full potential, the skill focused themes have been identified as the key business arease emerging top leaders to develop, with their career acceleration in mind.

Events are London based and are held in a ‘Chatham House’ rules, intimate environment.

In addition to the events, there is an opportunity to attend an inspirational and motivational leadership dinner hosted by a successful and recognised business leader. Members also have the option of being expertly matched with a senior business leader as their mentor to support their career journey.

“Supporting organisations to create better gender balanced and more effectively performing organisations”

The Programme delivers:

Participation in the Programme

Each Ach-Eve member is required to attend:

The Ach-Eve Programme - designed for what aspiring executives want...

The Ach-Eve programme is aimed at individuals who meet at least two of the following five statements:

The Ach-Eve Programme - designed for what organisations need...

The Ach-Eve programme is aimed at organisations who want and need to: